Betta Types - What Is The Distinction?

Betta Types - What Is The Distinction?

After not changing the water enough, overfeeding causes more problems than every other betta fish care mistake. Overfeeding is likely to make your betta's bowl much dirtier than it needs to be, and that alone causes a whole spectrum of conflicts. It can also cause your betta to get constipated, or eat itself into other digestion problems.


In the "wild" bettas eat mostly insects. They're carnivorous, so feeding them the carbohydrate-laden flake food offered to a lot aquarium fish isn't only going to be well received by the betta at dinner time, or by the betta period. Poor nutrition leads to illness. For bettas, we want to give protein, protein, and more protein.


The main reason why should not use one particular these vases is the lack of a place. Although there are relatively large designs, most don't provide enough space as part of your fish. Missing the space to swim around freely and exercise, your betta end up being unhappy and fewer healthy.


Thirdly, ought to NEVER, Once more NEVER put a male Betta alongside another male betta fish, time of year! Otherwise, they will fight to the death (this is why they furthermore known as Siamese Fighting Fish!). So by not keeping males together can teach you reduce fighting astronomically.


The worst mistake generally to simply "wait it out" to check the problem goes away by again. If you see obvious warning signs of a swollen eye, you need to take action right through.


If you would like many bettas from a tank, I would suggest choosing females, in most as colorful, but will be able along a great deal better. The more females you possess in the tank the better, the surprising thing is, higher in a fish tank the less fighting. Incredibly good starting number will probably be 5 females.


But lots of this grief for everyones fish can be avoided it you'll but follow several common sense rules. Are usually relatively all too easy to understand. And following them can help you decide to keeping your fish healthy. So rather than get into all the ailments required strike your fish, let's wait and watch if we can't help you avoid so much unpleasantness using a closer look at what steps to decide on keep your fish healthy in the first place.


You may use medications for fin rot; however these medications can frequently have adverse reactions that creates things more apparent. This is why I recommend using water and salt as a line of defence against fin rot.